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We don't have to rely on the individual memories of personnel who may have worked on a particular project.  ISYS is a critical tool in this department.
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  • ISYS Search Software Pty Ltd (Australia)
  • ISYS Search Software, Inc. (USA)
  • ISYS Search Software (UK) Limited

Date Founded:

  • 1988

Key Markets:

  • International:
    • USA
    • UK & Europe
    • Australia & New Zealand
    • Asia
    • South Africa
  • Horizontal:
    • Desktop search
    • Intranet search
    • Website search
    • Network search
    • Email search
  • Vertical:
    • Legal
    • Law Enforcement / Anti-Terrorism
    • Government
    • Recruitment
    • Corporate
    • OEM


  • ISYS:desktop
    The original ISYS engine, for stand-alone PCs or massive corporate networks.
  • ISYS:web
    Powerful text retrieval and web server functionality for Internet or intranet sites.
  • ISYS:web.asp
    Web-based search tool for the Microsoft IIS web server.
  • ISYS:sdk
    The Software Developer’s Kit for building the power of ISYS into portals, websites or custom applications.
  • ISYS:spider
    Incorporates relevant Internet sites into corporate knowledge bases.
  • ISYS:hindsite
    Full text searches on the contents of previously accessed web pages.
  • ISYS:image
    Transform paper-based information into accurate, searchable data.
  • ISYS:rdu
    Share information simply and securely across a range of media.
  • ISYS:publisher
    Publish files to CD, floppy disk or across a network securely and efficiently.
  • ISYS:intradisk
    Create and distribute HTML publications with built-in ISYS search technology.


USA & Canada
Ph: +1 303 689 9998
Fax: +1 303 689 9997

ISYS Search Software
8775 East Orchard Road
Suite 811
Englewood CO 80111
Australia & Asia Pacific
Ph: +61 2 9439 5800
Fax: +61 2 9439 8569

ISYS Search Software
PO Box 1312
Crows Nest NSW 1585

Suite 102,10-12 Clarke St.
Crows Nest NSW 2065

UK & Europe
Ph: +44 (0) 1244 313216
Fax: +44 (0) 1244 313003

ISYS Search Software
The Steam Mill
Steam Mill Street
Chester CH3 5AN


Key Staff


  • ISYS Search Software is an Australian software company specializing in knowledge management and information delivery software for corporate networks and Internet based enterprise systems. ISYS provides software solutions for information and knowledge management.
  • A private company, founded in 1988, ISYS has enjoyed substantial success in terms of sales and technological advancement, particularly in Australia and the USA.
  • Two-thirds of ISYS’s revenue comes from exports to the USA. With the success of the US wholly owned subsidiary, ISYS opened a new office in the UK in November 2000. Since then over half the police forces in the UK have become ISYS customers.
  • ISYS is the company's search software for network and web based systems. ISYS Search Software is a range of search tools specifically designed to improve company performance by encouraging information sharing, minimizing work product duplication and empowering staff to take more informed decisions.
  • Translated User Interfaces of ISYS exist for Canadian French, German, Portuguese, Dutch, Traditional Chinese and Korean. ISYS also supports over thirty languages including: Japanese, Cyrillic Russian, Dutch, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, Norwegian, French, Thai, Italian, Bahasa and Arabic.

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