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Home >> Company >> Newsletter >> 2004NOV >> ISYS Update Riddle

In each edition of ISYS Update we publish a riddle. The answer to the riddle is featured below.

If you have a suggestion of a riddle for future editions of ISYS Update, please email the Webmaster.


Current Riddle:

A wise King wants an honest child to take his place on the throne. He gives each of his 3 daughters a pack of flower seeds and tells them that the one who grows the most beautiful flowers from these seeds will have his throne. Six months pass and the king checks the flowers. The first 2 had beautiful flower beds while the last child had nothing in her plot but weeds and no flowers. Yet, the king chose this child to have the throne. Why?


Scroll down for the answer













The King did not give them proper seeds in the first place. The third daughter did not cheat.

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