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We don't have to rely on the individual memories of personnel who may have worked on a particular project.  ISYS is a critical tool in this department.
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Archived Press Releases

2002 - 2001 - 2000 - Oldest Press Releases - Newest Press Releases


11th Dec
ISYS Appeals to former Inktomi Customers
29th Oct
ISYS Selected for Austrade High Tech Tour
29th Jul
Voyager Software Ltd has no rights to ISYS
18th Jun
Solution 6 Selects ISYS Search Technology for CiO Conflicts
12th Mar
ISYS:web.asp Finalist in Best New Technology Awards
1st Mar
ISYS, Inc. Announces ISYS:web.asp

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3rd Jul
ISYS available in over 30 different languages
27th Jun
ISYS listed in the Top 500 Software companies in the USA - third year running
27th Jun
ISYS listed as one of Australia's top 100 innovations of the Twentieth Century
24th Apr
ISYS - taking the next step
16th Apr
ISYS announces the release of version 6

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30th Nov

ISYS and FastTrack Partnership

17th Mar
Australian Stock Exchange Investigating with ISYS

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Older Archives

30th Nov 1999 Planpower, Managing their Knowledge with ISYS
1st Oct 1999 ISYS:web Agent Release
19th May 1999 ISYS - The Diamond In The Rough
15th Mar 1999 ISYS Hits the Best Seller List
10th Jan 1999 ISYS and the Ultimate Medical Examination
24th Nov 1998 ISYS:spider - Add-On Product to ISYS:web Release
10th Aug 1998 World Trade Organization's Language Translation System Incorporates ISYS
9th Jul 1998 ISYS Search Software listed in the Top 500 Software Companies in the USA
27 May 1998 Global Knowledge Sharing comes to CI Technologies
15th Apr 1998 JB Were Invests in ISYS
2nd Mar 1998 ISYS Search Software Warns Against The Perils of Y2K Quick Fix
13th Feb 1998 International Hackers Ring Attacks ISYS:hindsite
10th Dec 1997 ISYS Y2K Assist Released
4th Dec 1997 Trevor Kennedy Joins the ISYS Board
24th Nov 1997 ISYS:web helps automate the online paper chase -
18th Nov 1997 ISYS:intradisk Publishing Released
15th Oct 1997 ISYS's Quest for Asian Partners
2nd Sept 1997 LA County Sheriff's Office Fighting Crime with ISYS
7th Aug 1997 ISYS:desktop 5 & ISYS:web 5 Released
14th Jul 1997 California Public Defenders Association's CLARA Web
30th Apr 1997 ISYS Releases ISYS:web 2.0. Leaves competition a generation behind
3rd Mar 1997 Aussies turn software biz upsidedown -
3rd Mar 1997 Government Computer News: Bureau of Labor Statistics saves more than $100,000 with ISYS:web -
12th Feb 1997 ISYS responds to the rise and rise of Microsoft's Internet Explorer
28th Oct 1996 New ISYS 32-bit version wins four US Government contracts
10th Sep 1996 ISYS Announces Product Partnership with Minolta
20th Aug 1996 ISYS enhances ISYS:web with PDF; signs large deal with U.S. government
26 Jun 1996 ISYS Announces the Release of ISYS:web
10th Jun 1996 ISYS Announces ISYS:hindsite for Netscape Navigator 3 & Gold
26th Feb 1996 ISYS:hindsite for Netscape Navigator 2 at E-Mail World & Internet Expo '96 in San Jose
13th Nov 1995 ISYS:hindsite for Netscape Navigator at COMDEX, Las Vegas 95'
13th Nov 1995 ISYS:web at COMDEX, Las Vegas '95
10th May 1995 ISYS Announces the Release of ISYS for Acrobat
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