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We decided to invest in ISYS because ISYS offered the best system for worldwide search capability across our wide area network.
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ISYS-Powered Sites

Software vendors tend to make a lot of claims, but without tangible proof of the solution in action, customers cannot make truly informed decisions about their technology purchases. ISYS recognizes this and has compiled the following list of ISYS-Powered Sites to illustrate precisely how our technology can benefit your organization. Test drive a few sites, and then contact us to request your own evaluation of ISYS.

Thales Navigation - Powered By ISYS
As one of the world's leaders in satellite positioning and navigation solutions, Thales Navigation is the company behind the popular Magellan® brand of GPS products, as well as the Thales Navigation line of OEM, survey and GIS professional-grade solutions. The company selected ISYS:web.asp to enable search functionality on its corporate intranet, as well as on its Magellan website.
Telecharge - Powered By ISYS is the official ticketing agency for most of New York City's theaters. Whether you are planning a trip to the theater capital of the world, or you live around the corner from Times Square, enables you to purchase your tickets in advance from the convenience of your home or office. Telecharge uses ISYS to provide search functionality across its database of Broadway shows, enabling visitors to find information about stars, schedules or pricing, or to purchase tickets online.
Center for New York City Law Powered By ISYS
Tapping the spirit of the Internet's collaborative nature, the Center for New York City Law at New York Law School looked to broaden its relationships with local government administrative agencies by hosting a searchable database of administrative decisions. By choosing ISYS:web, the Center immediately benefited from a number out-of-the-box features, including hit highlighting, hit-to-hit navigation, and proximity and Boolean operators for targeted searches.
E-Laws - Powered By ISYS
The government of Ontario's E-Laws site is dedicated to the province's statutes and legislation. It uses ISYS:web to search laws in both French and English.
Legal Bit Stream - Powered By ISYS
Legalbitstream uses ISYS:web to offer lawyers, accountants and the general public a free, searchable database specializing in US federal income and estate tax law.
LawAccess - Powered By ISYS

LawAccess is a public website established by the NSW Attorney General's Office in Australia, to provide legal information to the public. A unique collaborative venture involving government, private and community legal services, LawAccess uses ISYS to allow users to find information gathered from many valuable online sources.

US District Court of New Hampshire - Powered By ISYS

Offers a free on-line opinion service to the public. Visitors can use ISYS to search the database containing over 4,000 opinions dating from 1989, and new opinions are added as they are issued.

Victorian Department of Justice - Powered By ISYS

Information on all subjects covered in the DoJ portfolio, from obtaining a marriage certificate to how the court system works.

CaseLaw - Powered By ISYS

Set up by the NSW Attorney General's office containing judgments from various New South Wales courts.

US Court of Appeals - Powered By ISYS

The US Court of Appeals 5th Circuit has opinions and decisions indexed and searchable with ISYS:web

Government - Powered By ISYS

Australia's new tourism portal is a one-stop shop for tourists seeking information on Australian destinations. The site is packed with information on places to go and things to do, and includes a range of suggested itineraries to help visitors plan their trip to Australia.

ISYS was chosen to provide the customized search tool on the website; it enables visitors to conduct general searches as well as searches within specific categories, such as 'accommodation' or 'things to do'. ISYS integration partner Intology designed and implemented the search for

A 'must see', if you're visiting this lovely country!

London Borough of Waltham Forest - Powered By ISYS
The London Borough of Waltham Forest services a population of 221,000 people, and uses its website as a cost-effective and convenient way to publish council information. Visitors can use ISYS to search over 2000 pages of information, from council minutes and reports through to recycling and tax guides.
Medway Council - Powered By ISYS

Kent's Medway Council, in the south-east of England, uses a Content Management system to manage the information published on it's website. This makes life easier for the staff who generate content, but in order to help website visitors find what they're looking for, Medway selected ISYS as the website search engine.

City of Laredo - Powered By ISYS
As a longtime ISYS:desktop customer, the City of Laredo added ISYS:web to the mix to enable rapid search and retrieval on its website. Now, all city departments and the citizens of Laredo can search City Council Minutes, from the present all the way back to 1990. City representatives cite ISYS' Boolean and Proximity search capabilities as being key benefits.
Mississippi Legislature - Powered By ISYS

Visitors to the Mississippi Legislature Web site can use ISYS:web to research current and archived information on state bills and laws. Users can perform simple or advanced searches on everything from Senate amendments to House bills and veto messages.

Queensland State Parliament - Powered By ISYS

Uses ISYS:web to provide a search facility on their Hansards.

Arlington County - Powered By ISYS

Using ISYS:web, users can search Arlington County Board Minutes for the last 13 years in a variety of formats.

Queensland State Archives - Powered By ISYS

Queensland State Archives publishes government record archives from an SQL database and visitors can use the ISYS:web full text search facility to find what they need.

Western Australia Worksafe - Powered By ISYS

Western Australian Worksafe uses ISYS:web as a search facility on their site.

Tasmanian Parliament - Powered By ISYS
Hansard, Notice Papers and Votes & Proceedings from both the Legislative Council and the House of Assembly back until 1992.
Washington State Department of Revenue - Powered By ISYS
A website dedicated to publishing tax laws for the State of Washington.
ACT Accounting - Powered By ISYS

The Australian Capital Territory Treasury website contains information about accounting policy and standards, legislation and all sorts of guidance and help for ACT government entities.

Australian Industrial Relations Commission - Powered By ISYS

Uses ISYS:web to search through numerous databases of information from AIR decisions made to the Workplace Relations Act.

Western Australian Industrial Relations Commission - Powered By ISYS

The Western Australian Industrial Relations Commission posts awards, decisions and general information about working in Western Australia, all searchable by ISYS.

The NSW Board of Studies - - - - Powered By ISYS

The NSW Board of Studies is using ISYS:web to search across information published by the Education Department. They have four sites using the software.

The National Library of Wales - Powered By ISYS

Uses ISYS:web to search archive records, photos, recordings and marriage bonds in English and Welsh.

Management Recruiters International - Powered By ISYS is an ISYS:web-powered site maintained by Management Recruiters International that enables users to search a massive database of jobs and recruiters.



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