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ISYS product: ISYS:web
Organization: Canon Australia
End User: Box Hill Senior Secondary College
Benefit: Providing staff and students with fast access to important information without changing procedures or compromising security
Industry: Education
Available on: College intranet
No. of users: 700+

Canon Australia and Box Hill Senior Secondary College

The Consulting and Solutions Division of Canon Australia provides sales advice and consulting services to clients for the company's range of Document Management Systems, workflow solutions, forms processing, imaging systems and multimedia products. Alex Goulas, a Professional Services Consultant with the division, was working with Box Hill Senior Secondary College (BHSSC) in Melbourne to provide them with a Document Management solution, and he advised them to consider ISYS:web, ISYS:spider and ISYS:rich-html.

Box Hill Senior Secondary College has around 700 students enrolled in courses such as Maths, Science, Art, Drama, Music, Multimedia and various IT programs. In 2004, almost 400 new students were enrolled. The College wanted to establish an easy way to capture student enrollment forms and also to make student and staff information available via an intranet. One of the most important requirements for BHSSC was not to disrupt the systems and procedures that were already in place.

Initially, Alex sought to recommend ImageREAL, Canon's Document Management solution for medium to large size businesses, in conjunction with search software for BHSSC's needs. So, his group set about researching different text retrieval solutions and came across ISYS. He proceeded to demonstrate ISYS:web along with ImageREAL to BHSSC, to illustrate what could be achieved with the combination of document management software and specialist search technology.

Although a complete document management system would have ultimately produced the results that BHSSC needed - incorporating a collection of hard and soft copy documents and files into an online resource for staff and students - the college decided that a complete solution was out of its budget scope and would necessitate too much of a cultural change for users. However, the alternative of allowing staff and students to trawl through Windows Explorer folders looking for information was unattractive, taking too much time and being too much of a security risk.

Taking a closer look at ISYS:web, the College's principal, Wayne Craig, became aware that it could provide intranet users with the ability to find the information they needed quickly and efficiently, removing the need to provide access to original files or to train staff to use a document management system. Canon Australia, who also saw the value in ISYS:web for BHSSC's knowledge management needs, agreed to set up ISYS:web on their intranet. "ISYS was right for this installation because it is easy to use and integrates into any web page", said Alex. "Another positive point is the ability to set up index profiles quickly and easily".

Now the students and staff of BHSSC use ISYS to search for any information that is relevant to them, from details about the Year 12 calculus course to staff contact information. With enrollments growing annually, the College has found a way to streamline access to information for staff, students and the general public, without interrupting existing practices and procedures, saving valuable time and resources.

Having demonstrated the way that ISYS:web and ImageREAL can work together to provide a total document management and text retrieval solution, Canon Australia is looking to incorporate ISYS search technology into their DMS solutions in the future.


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