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We decided to invest in ISYS because ISYS offered the best system for worldwide search capability across our wide area network.
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ISYS product: ISYS:desktop
Organization: Domnitz, Mawicke & Goisman law firm
Benefit: Impressing clients with the speed of legal service.
Industry: Legal
Data indexed: Case files, 'phone records and administrative information
Available on: Local Area Network
No. of users: 20+
Time saving: 16 hours per trial
Used ISYS since: 2001

Domnitz, Mawicke & Goisman

Domnitz, Mawicke & Goisman, S.C. is a 20-lawyer firm with offices in Wisconsin. Its huge collection of information from trials, depositions and cases is organized in files for examination, cross-referencing and researching. With the assistance of ISYS, Domnitz, Mawicke & Goisman has been able to revolutionize the way the firm operates. From the duties of a receptionist all the way to the managing partner, ISYS has saved the firm an abundant amount of time and money.

Upon implementing ISYS, the firm was able to save paralegals approximately 16 hours of work per trial filing depositions. Prior to this, paralegals had to create a brief bank for each closed case. Every brief would be manually indexed by determining which topic it would go under, then referencing with the right file number or case number for future searching purposes. "With ISYS, we've eliminated the tedious manual process of creating brief banks," says Joyce Cubinski, Manager of Information Systems. "The paralegal's time is now better spent doing other things."

"With ISYS we don't have to wait for days to find information that we need to know. The information we need is presented in our first meeting, not our fourth," said Donald A. Allen, Attorney.

Domnitz, Mawicke & Goisman also uses ISYS as a conflicts-checking system. Law firms need such a system in place to determine if they have a history with the person they are speaking. "When we receive calls from persons requesting our services, the attorney types in the name of the person - to see if we've ever done any work for or against them. Based upon their history or lack of history, we determine if we can represent them," says Cubinski, "It's a big time saver as far as getting answers to clients quickly. We've impressed clients with the quick response and our ability to give them what they need, when they need it, with ISYS."

"What I love about ISYS is what it's done for how my monitor looks. I no longer need to put post-it notes on my computer screen that fall off onto my desk and get buried!" says Cubinski.

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