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We decided to invest in ISYS because ISYS offered the best system for worldwide search capability across our wide area network.
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ISYS product: ISYS:desktop
Organization: Goldman Sachs
Benefit: Saving time, avoiding duplication and speeding the generation of new business.
Industry: Financial Services
Data indexed: Thousands of proposals and presentations

Rapidly Locating and Reusing Knowledge

Goldman Sachs is a leading global investment banking, securities and investment management firm. Founded in 1869, it provides a range of services to a diversified client base that includes corporations, financial institutions, governments and high net worth individuals worldwide.

The Municipal Bond Department at Goldman Sachs is a division of the company that includes both an investment banking group (Municipal Finance) and a sales, trading and underwriting group (Municipal Sales & Trading). The Department provides investment banking, credit, capital markets and sales and trading services to issuers of, and investors in, tax-exempt bonds.

The Department's financial professionals frequently need to research completed proposals and presentations throughout the course of their daily work. In the past, Microsoft® Windows' Find feature was used to search these documents, but this method proved too slow and ineffective.

Search Made Easy
To overcome this hurdle, Goldman Sachs' Municipal Bond Department elected to use ISYS:desktop 6.0 for Windows XP - ISYS' sixth-generation, network-based workgroup search solution. This enabled the Department's financial professionals to quickly and easily extract relevant information contained within their proposals and presentations, and to act quickly on their findings.

Allma Edwards, Team Leader for the Presentation Graphics Group, estimates that the Department prepares and maintains thousands of proposals, some of which go back a decade. "Since the Department's proposals and presentations are the means by which business is generated, the content of these documents is vital," said Edwards. "ISYS allows anyone in the Department to independently locate any past proposal or presentation and use it for current work, which means they don't have to recreate what has already been done. This saves time and effort."

Tools of the Trade
Using ISYS' feature-rich search solution, Goldman Sachs' staff can construct advanced searches and view results in seconds. At query time, users can elect a variety of search methods, including Plain English, basic Keyword, or Menu-Assisted, which enables users to select a variety of Boolean operators for a more specific query.

Results are returned in seconds or less, at which point the Department's financial professionals can view summaries of the results or sort them according to a variety of variables, including date, number of hits and document type.

The key to ISYS' results viewing is its Hit Highlighting and Hit-to-Hit Navigation, which enable Goldman Sachs' employees to quickly find the relevant information and jump between hits without scrolling endlessly. These highlighting and navigation features are especially important with the Department's presentations and proposals, where the key pieces of information in a document might be hidden on page 50.

Perhaps what's most valuable to Goldman Sachs' Municipal Bond Department is reusing existing information, rather than recreating it. Whether it was a proposal created last month by an existing employee or a presentation drafted by an employee who has since moved on, ISYS enables the Department to quickly locate and reuse the document. According to Edwards, these capabilities ensure that the Department runs in an efficient manner.

"We don't have to rely on the individual memories of personnel who may have worked on a particular project, and we don't have to have a staff member dedicated to managing the indexing of these projects. ISYS is a critical tool in this department.


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