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We decided to invest in ISYS because ISYS offered the best system for worldwide search capability across our wide area network.
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Home >> Customers >> Success Stories >> Jacobs Engineering

ISYS product: ISYS:web
Organization: Jacobs Engineering Group Inc.
Benefit: Sharing sales information easily across time zones.
Industry: Engineering & Mining
Data indexed: Resumes, Project Descriptions and sales information
Indexes: 38
Available on: Global intranet
No. of users: over 600
Used ISYS since: 1996

Jacobs Engineering

With more than 70 offices around the globe, Jacobs Engineering Group Inc. is one of the world's largest and most diverse providers of professional technical services. When Jacobs wanted to find a way to manage their business development information worldwide, they found a solution with ISYS:web.

Jacobs has an ongoing goal to grow revenue by an average of 15 percent per year. In 1996, it became obvious that a cost-effective method of managing business development information was required in order to achieve their growth objective. "We looked to ISYS to help advance our sales by allowing us to quickly and easily access information on the worldwide network, assisting us in achieving our company's growth plans," says Sue Donnellan, Manager of Global Sales Initiatives.

Prior to using ISYS, Jacobs did not have centralized information search and organization capabilities. "We evaluated numerous other products, but decided to invest in ISYS because it offered the best system for worldwide search capability across our wide area network," says Donnellan.

Jacobs uses ISYS:web on its intranet to manage its sales information, taking advantage of features such as NT security and auditing, dynamic HTML conversion and index scheduling. "ISYS:web's security and auditing are favored features because they allow for decentralized control of data while maintaining centralized control of the indexes, " says Mary Ann Knight, Manager of Special Projects.

Jacobs has 38 indexes, residing in different offices. The ISYS Scheduler utility allows ISYS administrators to schedule automatic updates to these indexes, allowing users to access the most current information. "We use all that ISYS has to offer to improve communication between individual offices and regions," says Donnellan, "ISYS allows us to conduct a wide variety of search types, consolidate searchable sales data across the company and reduce research time."

The sales groups, totaling over 600 users, use ISYS to access personnel resumes and descriptions of projects they've performed. "We used to be limited by time zones, file sizes and source identity - now we can perform document searches around-the-clock, which is critical for the fast-track nature of sales proposal and presentation development," says Denise Morris, Sales Coordinator at Jacobs.


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