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We decided to invest in ISYS because ISYS offered the best system for worldwide search capability across our wide area network.
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ISYS product: ISYS:desktop
Organization: Kehler Associates recruitment firm
Benefit: Eliminating lost opportunities and placing candidates quickly.
Industry: Recruitment
Data indexed: over 20,000 resumes
Daily usage: At least once a day
Time to ROI: 1 week
Used ISYS since: 1991

Kehler Associates

Kehler Associates specializes in recruitment for the intelligence market. There are over 20,000 resumes in their database, for people who have worked or contracted for agencies such as the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency), the NSA (National Security Agency) and the SAIC (Scientific Applications International Corporation). Kehler Associates uses ISYS to ensure that they supply the best candidates to these high-profile clients.

"Using ISYS as opposed to a static database has greatly benefited our bottom line. Often we search the database for esoteric words, such as 'groundbreaker' and 'LaserStar'. With a static database, I was bound to miss entering one of these words in the fields, resulting in an inaccurate search, a missed placement and a lost opportunity," says Ed Hoyles, Vice President of Kehler Associates.

Prior to investing in ISYS, Hoyles evaluated other products but found them to be impractical, requiring too much maintenance. "We've used ISYS since the DOS version, and while the software has kept up with the times, it's never lost its user-friendly features," says Hoyles.

"We got our return on investment in our first week of using ISYS," says Hoyles. Kehler Associates averages approximately $25,000 per placement. "Since each placement we make adds much to our bottom line, our investment is repaid 50 times over - with just one placement! ISYS has got itself a disciple here."

"After contacting the candidates that show up on the results list, I attach an annotation to the resume chosen to note date, job, call and status, thus creating a history on the resume that is indexed with ISYS for future searching," says Hoyles.

Since installing ISYS, searches are conducted daily. Kehler Associates has been able to drastically reduce response time to their clients by searching and retrieving information in a more efficient manner. "One of our customers needed 15 people in 30 days. We were able to mine our database with ISYS, and out of 4500 resumes we were able to supply our customer with 8 placements, resulting in a hefty commission for us."
"ISYS has paid for itself many times over; it's the best money we've ever spent on any capital good. The payoff received from our investment in ISYS has exceeded our expectations by far."


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