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We decided to invest in ISYS because ISYS offered the best system for worldwide search capability across our wide area network.
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LA County Sheriffs Office Fighting Crime with ISYS

The LA County Sheriffs Office is very excited with its plans for the implementation of ISYS across the entire Crime Analysts' division. Having purchased a license for 25 concurrent users, ISYS will provide a faster, more accurate method of cross-referencing data as well as facilitating the introduction of electronic search capabilities for crime files stretching back as far as ten years.

The Crime Analyst is described by Mr. Steve Sullivan, one of the administrators for the site, as part computer detective and part soothsayer. These people assist the investigators with finding criminals.

Crime Analysts create criminal profiles from databases and other information using statistical and intelligence analysis methods. In the case of serial killers, they attempt to predict the next move of the murderer.

A lot of their work is incident-based and Analysts attempt to identify criminals based on the information available.

With the introduction of ISYS, the Sheriff’s department can now access information that they have never been able to before. Because ISYS does not require a structured database, text documents, bulletins and other miscellaneous information can be accessed and efficiently searched.

Because the analysts have never had this type of query available before, their information base needs to be built up. The department is working on reloading archived information back onto their computers. They are currently reloading records from June 97 and have tested the ISYS index on electronic documents that are ten years old. ISYS successfully indexes these documents so plans are in place to reload crime files for the entire ten year period.

When complete, this knowledge base will be able to assist with re-offenders as well as increase productivity on new cases. The advantages with re-offenders are that where a person has committed a crime, gone to jail and been released, the information will still be on the computer.

When a new crime occurs, the Crime Analyst can search old documents, bulletins and databases for characteristics of that crime. They can search for elements of the ‘modus operandi’, words or phrases mentioned during the crime or a particular weapon. ISYS can bring up an old crime record that matches the details and a re-offender can be quickly identified.

The Sheriff’s office is still in the developmental stage of creating this knowledge base but anticipates some great results. ISYS will become an integral tool in the fight against crime.


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