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We decided to invest in ISYS because ISYS offered the best system for worldwide search capability across our wide area network.
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Researching Legal Matters with ISYS

Maritime Law Book (MLB) Ltd makes legal research simple for lawyers, law firms and law libraries. The company receives judicial decisions from court offices throughout Canada and the Judicial Office of the House of Lords (United Kingdom). The decisions are read, classified, and edited by their editors and uploaded onto their web site: for their customers to conduct swift research. MLB uses ISYS:web to provide accurate research and fast retrieval to their customers. Customers use this research to establish precedents, prepare opinions for clients and to use in negotiations.

MLB began as a print publisher 30 years ago. The company has since grown to 65 employees. Their business originally provided lawyers, law firms, and law libraries with paper volumes of judicial decisions. Although this information was vital to their customers, storage and search time spent on these volumes of information began to get out of hand. Eric Appleby, President of Maritime Law Book, began to evaluate alternatives in efficiently delivering products to their customers. "We evaluated several other products but found ISYS superior in price and speed. We were very impressed with the ISYS search engine, it's ability to conduct daily updates, and many of its user-friendly features."

With ISYS:web, the information stored in an organization's accumulated documents and other text-based files (spreadsheets, e-mails, memos, letters, web pages, etc.) can be quickly found, retrieved, filtered, sorted and organized in a standard web browser. ISYS:web can find information regardless of the document's location and format. One of the user-friendly features MLB employs is the delivery of documents in Rich HTML format. This feature displays retrieved documents in WYSIWIG HTML, that's as close to the original document as you can make it using HTML. This is done without the need for a browser plug-in because all the work is done on the server end.

Prior to investing in ISYS:web, MLB subscribers would look through printed volumes to find key numbers and then cross reference in other print materials for the past cases they were searching. "Since we've invested in ISYS, our customers have a much better search engine by using our web site. With over 30,000 key numbers and 150 titles, searching for precedents would prove to be very difficult by hand. With ISYS, we can offer them quick and easy searches," says Appleby.

"The value received from ISYS:web has been phenomenal for both our customers and employees. Searching hundreds of volumes has been reduced to seconds. Our customers and employees no longer suffer from search fatigue," says Appleby. ISYS:web searches MLB's 14 databases containing over 120,000 cases. Editors use one-third of the site and the site serves as both an Intranet and Internet. "We have an easy to navigate, user-friendly website due to ISYS," adds Appleby.

Customers receive a value-add in MLB's ability to access the most updated cases, and their ability to eliminate additional storage space. "ISYS has given us a major selling tool. We can put our customers concerns of storage space to rest," says Appleby. While downtown lawyers must deal with the increasing costs in keeping a large library, ISYS allows MLB to store the cases for the lawyers and give them quick access to the cases they're researching immediately. "Our customers have the convenience of accessing the most current information at all times, copying and pasting, and low prices. Free access is provided to full text subscribers, and there are no copy or delivery charges," says Appleby.

"We've been very happy with ISYS. We've grown into a flexible company in serving our current and future customers with the help of ISYS," says Appleby. MLB is anticipating the purchase of another server and copy of ISYS:web to meet the demands of the law student market. Appleby says, "We are looking forward to furthering our relationship with ISYS when we venture into this market. ISYS:web has already aided our growth for the past few years, we hope to continue our growth with this new market," says Appleby.


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