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We decided to invest in ISYS because ISYS offered the best system for worldwide search capability across our wide area network.
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Home >> Customers >> Success Stories >> Miami Police Department

ISYS product: ISYS:web
Organization: Miami Police Department
Benefit: Searching 15 years' worth of crime information in an instant.
Industry: Law Enforcement
Data indexed: Over 15,000 files
Data types: Word documents, external websites
No. of users: 4
Used ISYS since: 1997

Miami Police Department

The Intelligence Analyst Unit of the Miami Police Department conducts research and provides background information on narcotics, bombing and organized crime cases, and also offers support to other units such as homicide and sexual battery. Criminal Intelligence Analyst Supervisor Scott Nugent and his unit use ISYS:web to search through their pertinent information.

"For 16-17 years, we have searched intelligence files on a full text search based system. All reports are narrative based; we don't use database systems," says Nugent. He believes that there are many more advantages to a document-based storage method with full text search capabilities as opposed to databases. Since databases only offer structured queries, users are given a set of fields that they can search. Full text search widens the search possibilities, offering limitless ways of interrogating information, giving the user full control and ensuring accuracy.

Over 1,000 reports are generated each year in the Intelligence Analyst Unit. For the past 15 years over 15,000 documents have been indexed in the ISYS database. The reports have been growing continuously yearly, as additional information is gathered on each case. ISYS allows users to search 15 years of historical data in over 125 file formats.

"ISYS allows the organization to focus on the output of information rather than the input," says Nugent. Prior to ISYS, the unit was limited to what they could enter into fields. "With ISYS we were able to expand the amount of information that we could input into the reports and to customize our reports to our liking. Cutting and pasting of information is used often, since ISYS searches every word in our documents, this has made inputting information much less of a hassle," explains Nugent. "The longer processes take, the less likely people are willing to perform them."

ISYS plays a major role in all cases handled by the Intelligence Analyst unit. "ISYS also allows us to go to Internet sites and pull information on drugs such as Ecstasy, or a report from the state on terrorism - and download the entire report into the directory and index it. ISYS is a great research tool. It allows us to react quickly to pertinent and time sensitive information requests from investigators," says Nugent.

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