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We decided to invest in ISYS because ISYS offered the best system for worldwide search capability across our wide area network.
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Home >> Customers >> Success Stories >> Ventura County Sheriff's Dept

ISYS product: ISYS:desktop
Organization: Ventura County Sheriff's Department
Benefit: Saving time and manpower finding crime information.
Industry: Law Enforcement
Data indexed: 15 years' worth of crime data
Available on: Local Area Network
No. of users: 5
Favorite feature: Intelligent Agent
Used ISYS since: 2001

Case Study - Ventura County Sheriff's Department

The mission of the Ventura County Sheriff's Department is to protect and serve the people of the county. Steve Sullivan, Crime Analyst II for the East County Jurisdiction, utilizes ISYS in fulfilling this mission. Sullivan supervises a team of computer "detectives" that use databases, information systems and ISYS to help solve crimes.

Other counties share large volumes of information with Ventura County, and bulletins are received from different sources. "Crime Analysts are in the information business. It is imperative that we have access to the information we need, when we need it," says Sullivan.

Several law enforcement databases are often transferred from one agency to another. "The databases are extensive and time consuming to go through when searching for something specific," says Sullivan. The need for immediate access to information prompted Sullivan's decision to invest in ISYS. "The speed at which ISYS retrieves information is remarkable," adds Sullivan.

In one case, a suspect was arrested during a burglary and the investigating detective believed the perpetrator was responsible for 39 other burglaries in the area. The detective remembered that in one of the burglaries, blood samples were taken from the scene. The detective complained to Sullivan that he'd have to read through hundreds of pages of reports to find the relevant case. Sullivan searched two databases simultaneously with ISYS and found the case within seconds.

When Sullivan transferred from Los Angles to Ventura, he took over a unit that had 15 years' worth of documents, reports and other information stored on computer. "Imagine trying to wade through 15 years of data and trying to guess where everything was stored. There were files on the system in formats that were no longer installed on our machines. With ISYS, I could access the information I needed regardless of location and format," says Sullivan.

One reason Sullivan invested in ISYS was the Intelligent Agent feature, which allows users to identify their areas of interest and reports back as relevant new information enters the system. "Often an investigator will ask us to provide more information on a particular case. Information might enter our information bank 10 minutes, an hour or 3 months from now, and ISYS helps us respond to the investigators as soon as the information is available," says Sullivan.


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