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ISYS Search Software, Inc Announces Availability of ISYS for over 30 languages

Denver, CO, July 3, 2001 – ISYS Search Software, Inc., leading provider of Knowledge Management (KM) software solutions for the enterprise and Internet/Intranet, announces the availability of ISYS for over 30 languages. This unites the power of ISYS, ISYS Development, Inc.’s award-winning KM software, with the ability to search in foreign languages, English or both.

The multilingual search and retrieval technology of ISYS is an important component of the ISYS suite of KM products designed to provide the highly tailored solutions that international corporations require. This particular application is designed to allow users to search content and obtain results in English or their own language.

“This development in the ISYS Search Software directly addresses the need for international companies to provide access to information across a variety of languages,” says Ian Davies, Managing Director of ISYS Search Software. This feature is essential for multi-lingual countries. Many companies tend to deal internationally in French or English, ISYS’ multi-lingual search products allows for users to search in English and their native language at the same time. In an effort to expand the use of ISYS globally, ISYS Search Software enhanced the core ISYS engine by providing it with multi-byte character set capability. Text can encounter in single-byte or multi-byte forms, or increasingly in Unicode; ISYS deals with documents and web pages in any of these forms. While Unicode is relatively common in European environments, most Asian computing is done in multi-byte. Further, “for Asian characters, we also have to be aware of the ideographic and non-ideographic nature of the words and characters in the various languages,” says Derek Murphy, Senior Software Developer.

ISYS searches most Asian and European languages, including: French, German, Spanish Portuguese, Italian, Cyrillic Russian, Thai, Bahasa, Greek, Hebrew, Turkish, Traditional and Simplified Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and Vietnamese and Arabic.

“We are very excited about the availability of our products for these key markets,” said Davies. “As a result of our efforts, customers throughout the world will have access to a robust multilingual search product.”

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