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ISYS Search Software Celebrates 15 Years of Success and Technological Achievement in Information Retrieval

DENVER - July 15, 2003 - ISYS Search Software Inc., a global supplier of search software for business and government, today announced it is celebrating its 15th anniversary as a company. Founded in July 1988, ISYS has been supplying a broad range of industries with information retrieval tools that have set the standard for enterprise search over 15 years of technological innovation.

Launched initially as a text retrieval solution for systems running on DOS, the ISYS product suite evolved to focus on Windows-based search solutions for workgroups, enterprises and developers. With the introduction of the World Wide Web in 1993, ISYS soon issued complementary imaging, publishing and spidering technology. These tools enabled users to not only index and search external Web sites, but also to turn printed documents into instantly searchable and Web-ready electronic files.

"Witnessing the progression of technology over the last 15 years has been nothing short of spectacular," said Ian Davies, founder and managing director of ISYS. "Without question, we take great pride in knowing we'/files/includes/media-news-2003-ve-helped-shaped-the-evolution-of-search-technology,-which- -is-increasingly-becoming-a-critical-tool-for-the-fortune-1000.-as-this- -market-matures-rapidly,-we-look-forward-to-capitalizing-on-our-history- -and-securing-an-enduring-role-for-the-future.-quot-<-p> -

in-its-current-sixth-generation-release,-isys-searches-across-30-languages- -and-125-file-formats,-including-pdf,-xml,-email,-attachments,-wordperfect,- -office,-.swf-files,-databases-and-oem-defined-formats.-over-the-course- -of-its-history,-isys-has-secured-installations-with-thousands-of-organizations- -operating-in-industries-that-include-government,-legal,-law-enforcement,- -financial-services,-recruitment-and-more.-today,-these-organizations-use- -isys-on-their-networks,-corporate-intranets,-portals-and-web-sites-to- -provide-a-single-interface-for-searching-across-disparate-data-sources- -and-file-types.
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About ISYS Search Software
Established in 1988, ISYS Search Software Inc., is a global supplier of search software for business and government. The company's award-winning product suite offers comprehensive search solutions designed to meet the diverse information retrieval and knowledge management needs of organizations operating in a variety of industries, including government, legal, law enforcement, financial services and recruitment.

Headquartered in Sydney, Australia, ISYS Search Software also maintains offices in Denver and the UK. The company's customers include the USDA, Boeing, Perkins Coie, Management Recruiters International (MRI), the US Department of Justice, the Miami Police Department, QANTAS and the IRS. Additional information can be obtained by phone at 800.992.4797 .

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Haidi Jenkin
ISYS Search Software
(02) 9439 5800


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