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ISYS Search Software Helps Bankruptcy Litigation Counsel at Lionel Sawyer & Collins Search and Retrieve Thousands of Documents in Record Time

ISYS' Sixth-Generation Search Technology Implemented and Deployed in Days to Help Private Law Firm Search and Retrieve Thousands of Documents in Rapid Time

DENVER - Feb. 18, 2003 - ISYS Search Software Inc., has announced its search engine technology was instrumental in helping bankruptcy litigation counsel at Lionel Sawyer & Collins of Las Vegas search and retrieve thousands of documents in record time in preparation for a three-month trial of complex commercial litigation in Las Vegas. The case involved close to two million documents produced in discovery and tens of thousands of documents marked as exhibits for trial.

As a global supplier of search software for businesses and public sector organizations, ISYS has been deployed by a number of law firms across the country to help them quickly and easily search their case documents to locate relevant information.

In this instance, ISYS came to the aid of bankruptcy litigation specialists at Lionel Sawyer & Collins. ISYS Search Software was used to help the firm search through massive amounts of emails and documents produced after the close of discovery in conjunction with a three-month trial in which the firm defended a group of financial institutions in complex commercial litigation.

Immediately prior to trial, and well after the close of discovery, the attorneys at Lionel Sawyer & Collins received production of thousands of additional documents from the adverse party. Although the Bankruptcy Court granted Lionel Sawyer's motion to continue the trial based upon the late production of these documents, the continued trial date was less than one month away. This left the professionals at Lionel Sawyer with a mere two weeks to search through those voluminous documents and locate relevant information in time to adequately prepare for the continued trial date.

Lionel Sawyer & Collins was given 100 CDs full of data, which included a variety of Word documents, Adobe files, emails, attachments and more. With only three PCs, two paralegals and ISYS Search Software, the firm searched and retrieved a substantial amount of evidence in a short timeframe, which in turn helped the firm overcome tremendous obstacles in preparation for this mega trial.

"Literally on the eve of trial, we had the overwhelming task of searching more than 100,000 files for critical evidence that would support our clients' positions in the case," said Laurel E. Davis, a Lionel Sawyer & Collins Partner and Bankruptcy Specialist.

"Not only did we require a search solution that could run queries across disparate data sources simultaneously, but we also needed software that could search emails and attachments that resided among hundreds of Outlook profiles. ISYS proved to be exactly what we needed and it enabled our paralegals, Christy Connor and Darin Kirby, to quickly process this data to find a significant amount of evidence that supported our clients' position in the case in time for trial."

About ISYS Search Software
Established in 1988, ISYS Search Software Inc., is a global supplier of search software for businesses and public sector organizations. The company's award-winning ISYS product suite offers comprehensive search solutions designed to meet the diverse information retrieval and knowledge management needs of organizations of all sizes.

Headquartered in Sydney, Australia, ISYS Search Software also maintains offices in Denver and the UK. The company's customers include the USDA, Boeing, the California Attorney General, Perkins Coie and the IRS. Additional information can be obtained by phone at 800.992.4797 .

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ISYS Search Software
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