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City of Muskego Wins Gladfelter Award for Improving Public Services, Thanks in Part to ISYS Search Software

DENVER - March 31, 2004 - ISYS Search Software, a global supplier of enterprise search solutions for business and government, today announced that its customer, the City of Muskego, has won the first annual Lloyd D. Gladfelter award for its imaging system, which uses ISYS to enable search across thousands of PDF files.

The University of Wisconsin awarded the City of Muskego the Gladfelter Award for the improvement of public services in Wisconsin and in recognition of the public benefits resulting from the new system. At the onset of the project, the City had to scan and OCR a massive hard copy collection of public information records. Comprised of thousands of documents dating back to 1964, this collection included information such as Municipal Codes, Charter Ordinances, Zoning Codes and Comprehensive Plans.

Once the collection had been scanned and converted into PDF format, the City added ISYS to the system. Using ISYS:web on its site (, the City enabled both its staff and the general public to search these documents, thus drastically improving their ability to research and access this information, while simultaneously reducing the time spent on this process.

"Our Clerk/Treasurer recently researched the history of 'Legal Lot Status' in two hours with the system, which would have previously taken at least two days by pulling the hard copy documents," said Joe Sommers, Director of Information Systems, City of Muskego. "The biggest advantage of the system is that it provides information to all citizens of the City that they otherwise would not have had access to, thus ensuring they have a faster, more convenient means for accessing government information."

The award was presented to five applicants at the Department of Political Science's Centennial Dinner, for "meritorious proposals improving federal, state, county or municipal services in the State of Wisconsin."

"The City of Muskego's success with its new approach to public information access is a clear illustration of what organizations can achieve when applying technology for real and measurable gains," said Michael Blaszak, vice president, ISYS Search Software. "The talk in our industry concerning omnipotent computer intelligence and unexplainable voodoo is all well and good in the lab, but has done little in practice for organizations seeking immediate and tangible results. Our hope is that others will see the benefits the City has derived and use them as guiding principles for their own deployments."

About ISYS Search Software.
Established in 1988, ISYS Search Software is a global supplier of search solutions for business and government. The company's award-winning software suite offers a broad range of products designed to meet the diverse information retrieval and knowledge management needs of organizations operating in a variety of industries, including government, legal, law enforcement and recruitment.

Headquartered in Sydney, Australia, ISYS also maintains offices in Denver and the UK. The company's customers include the USDA, Boeing, Perkins Coie, Management Recruiters International (MRI), the US Department of Justice, the Miami Police Department, BlueCross BlueShield and the IRS. Additional information can be obtained by phone at 800.992.4797

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