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Press Releases

Sept 22 ISYS Search Software Named to Software Magazine's 22nd Annual Software 500
Sept 20 KMWorld Magazine Recognizes ISYS:desktop as a 2004 Trend-Setting Product
Sept 14 Gulf Coast HIDTA Selects ISYS Search Software to Provide Intelligence Analysts With Desktop and Network Search Capabilities
Aug 23 Selects ISYS E-Commerce Search Solution to Provide Site Visitors, Call Center Representatives With Rapid Retrieval Capabilities
Aug 16 Local IT firm leads UK charge
Aug 10 Maranti Selects ISYS Search Software for Customer Support and Customer Self-Help
Aug 04 Harland Financial Solutions Selects ISYS Search Software to Enable Rapid Retrieval of Online Documentation and Help Files
Jul 26 ISYS Search Software Listed Among Top 15 Denver-Area Software Developers by The Denver Business Journal
Jul 19 City of Laredo Extends Its Use of ISYS Search Software to Its Website
Jul 12

SiliconExpert Technologies Selects ISYS Search Software to Provide Employees With Enterprise Search Capabilities on its Intranet

Jun 21
US Synthetic Corporation Selects ISYS:desktop to Empower R&D Staff With Advanced Desktop Search Capabilities
Jun 7
Burnet, Duckworth & Palmer LLP Selects ISYS Search Software to Enable Intranet Search Across Knowledge Base of 1.8 Million Files
May 15
ISYS Search Software Listed in 2004 Enterprise Search Magic Quadrant
May 17
Thales Navigation Selects ISYS Search Software for Web and Intranet Search Solution
Apr 27
March Networks Selects ISYS Search Software
Apr 20
U.S. Department of Education Chooses ISYS Search Software For Its Office of the General Counsel
Apr 13
Arch Coal selects ISYS Search Software
Mar 31
Muskego Wins Gladfelter Award, thanks in part to ISYS
Mar 22
ISYS Selected as one of KMWorld's '100 Companies That Matter in Knowledge Management'
Mar 9
UK Police Forces Overwhelmingly Adopt ISYS Search Software
Mar 2
Word & Brown Selects ISYS to provide a fast, reliable method for accessing a variety of internal data.
Feb 23
City of Muskego Selects ISYS to Power Local Government's Web Site and Intranet Search Capabilities
Feb 18
ISYS to Provide Santa Monica Police Department With Departmental Search for Investigations and Operations
Feb 9
ISYS to Supply Nevada Gaming Control Board's Enforcement Division With Departmental Search Solution
Feb 2
ISYS to Supply Law Firm Bowman and Brooke LLP With Departmental Search Solution for Six Regional Offices
Jan 19
Durango Police Department Chooses ISYS Search Software
Jan 12
Department of Homeland Security's US Border Patrol Unit Chooses ISYS Search Software
Jan 05
ISYS Search Software named in 2003 Software 500

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Nov 24
Nevada Neurological Consultants select ISYS
Nov 17
ISYS Search Software Finalist for the 2003 KM Promise Award
Oct 14
Sep 30
WG Systems to Bring ISYS Enterprise Search and Retrieval Technology to Brazilian Marketplace
Sep 16
ISYS Used By Salt Lake City Detectives In Elizabeth Smart Kidnapping Investigation
Aug 28
Boeing® Expands Its Use of ISYS:web at Boeing Canoga Park
Jul 22
State of Washington Chooses ISYS:web to Power Government's Web-Based Permit Assistance Center
Jul 15
ISYS Search Software Celebrates 15 Years of Success and Technological Achievement
Jul 02
Flash Web Sites Now Both Eye-Catching and Useful
Jun 18
Westchester County District Attorney Selects the ISYS:sdk
Jun 09
Los Alamos National Laboratory Selects ISYS Search Software to aid Weapons Research
May 20
Seattle PD Criminal Intelligence Division to use ISYS
May 15
Management Recruiters International uses ISYS on their Site
May 05
ISYS:web.asp 6.0 With Support for the Microsoft .NET Framework
Apr 29
ISYS listed in 2003 Search Technology Magic Quadrant
Apr 17
ISYS finds popularity as counter-terrorism tool
Apr 03
ISYS to demonstrate ISYS Search Software for E-gov and Homeland security at FOSE
Mar 03
ISYS named by KMWorld Magazine as a top KM Company
Feb 08
ISYS Search Software Helps Lionel Sawyer & Collins

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Dec 11
ISYS Appeals to former Inktomi Customers
Oct 29
ISYS Selected for Austrade High Tech Tour
Jul 29
Voyager Software Ltd has no rights to ISYS
Jun 18
Solution 6 Selects ISYS Search Technology for CiO Conflicts
Mar 12
ISYS:web.asp Finalist in Best New Technology Awards
Mar 01
ISYS, Inc. Announces ISYS:web.asp

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Jul 03
ISYS available in over 30 different languages
Jun 27
ISYS listed in the Top 500 Software companies in the USA - third year running
Jun 27
ISYS listed as one of Australia's top 100 innovations of the Twentieth Century
Apr 24
ISYS - taking the next step
Apr 16
ISYS announces the release of version 6

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Nov 30

ISYS and FastTrack Partnership
Mar 17
Australian Stock Exchange Investigating with ISYS  

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Articles and Reviews

Aug 27 Product Spotlight: ISYS:web 6.0
Jul/Aug The universe of search
Jul 10 20/20 Hindsite
Jun 11
Burnet, Duckworth & Palmer LLP Selects ISYS
Jun 09
You know something's hot when Google rumors fly
Jun 02
Greater search latitude
In Search Of… Let ISYS Find It For You
May 24
Sydney IT company helps fight crime internationally
May 04
March Networks Selects ISYS Search Software
Apr 26
How to find old e-mail
Apr 23
Education points microscope at its legal documents
Apr 23
U.S. Department of Education Chooses ISYS Search Software
Apr 20
Search-Boosters For Your PC
Mar 9
Elementary Dear ISYS
Mar 9
UK Police Forces overwhelmingly Adopt ISYS Search Software
Mar 01
Searching in Muskego
Feb 27
City of Muskego selects ISYS Search Software
Feb 20
Santa Monica Police Department Selects ISYS Search Software
Feb 13
Bowman and Brooke LLP and the Nevada Gaming Control Board Choose ISYS
Feb 11
Search: No gamble for the Gaming Board
Feb 01
Automating Perception, Part 4 Analyzing the search solution market
Jan 20
Australians on the front line

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Dec 15
Make sense of e-mail madness
Oct 29
On the lookout for search - release
Oct 09
Is there a better way to search Outlook?
Jul 22
Search plus: far-reaching and versatile in the enterprise
Jul 07
ISYS Searches Flash Content
Jul 03
Time for a Fresh Start
Jun 17
Los Alamos National Laboratory Selects ISYS Search Software
Jun 12
ISYS Homes in on Los Alamos
Jun 05

Online Book - Why PDF files are the parchment of our age
Feb 24
Searching Discovery - Feature Editorial on ISYS and Lionel Sawyer & Collins

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Mar 15

Can’t Live if Living is Without You—Info Select and ISYS (Law Office Computing)
Mar 05

KM ‘aids and abets’ law enforcement
Feb 20

KM and the Law: the Verdict is in. ISYS featured in story
Jan 05

Law Office Computing reviews ISYS:desktop

PDF - 533kb

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Aug 22

ISYS reviewed in Law Office Computing June/July 2001

PDF - 586kb
Dec 06

HindSite at Rocket Download
Dec 06

ZDNet: ISYS:desktop: Search your PC for anything - ZDNet Downloads
Mar 01

Law Library Resource Xchange: Information Retrieval with ISYS:desktop 5.0: Of Needles and Haystacks

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