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ISYS:desktop Features

Indexing Features

  • Index over 125 file formats.
    Whatever format your documents are in, chances are that ISYS can index them. ISYS recognizes and indexes over 125 file formats, including Microsoft Office documents, email messages, HTML, XML, Lotus Notes, SQL databases, FTP, MP3 and Act! Contact Management files. ISYS indexes email attachments in Microsoft Outlook, Exchange and Outlook Express. It also indexes and searches document summary profiles including titles for PDF files, Word and WordPerfect documents and HTML meta-tags.

Find out more about the file formats that ISYS can index.

  • Leave your data exactly how it is.
    There is only one thing you have to do with your files before they can be indexed with ISYS - nothing! ISYS indexes your files as they are - there is no need to move them, summarize them, copy them or change their format in any way. As long as you have access to a file, you can index it.

  • Automate indexing with the ISYS Scheduler.
    ISYS Scheduler takes much of the effort out of the day-to-day routine of keeping your indexed information up-to-date. You can 'set-and-forget' index updates, re-indexes or optimizations so that the latest information in your knowledge base is automatically at your fingertips.

  • Instant information gathering with the Knowledge Warehouse.
    The Knowledge Warehouse feature of ISYS:desktop allows you to drag snippets of information from your word processor, web browser, email application or other program directly into a searchable index that you can organize however you want.

  • Up to 32 million documents per index
    ISYS is capable of indexing up to 32 million documents per index, and there is no limit on how many indexes you may create. By linking your indexes together, you are potentially able to index an infinite number of documents with ISYS.

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Searching Features

  • More than one way to search
    ISYS understands that different users want different kinds of search methods. So it offers you not one but five different kinds of query:
  • Menu Assisted Query enables the user to quickly build accurate queries with push-button operators.
  • Plain English Query allows users to quickly search by asking a question in plain English.
  • Command-based Query uses the ISYS Query Syntax, including Boolean and proximity operators, date searching and range searching
  • Query-By-Concept bases its search logic on conceptual categories that you create in your index. Concepts are structured like a table of contents in a Concept Tree.
  • The Saved Query feature allows users to save queries and re-use them for automatically or manually running the same search over again.
  • The Intelligent Agent performs searches for you.
    Tell the ISYS Intelligent Agent what kind of information you're looking for, and it will remain on the lookout for new data that matches your query. You are notified the minute information matching your requirements becomes available.

  • Intelligent Date and Number Handling.
    ISYS recognizes numbers and dates in documents regardless of how they are expressed.

  • ISYS speaks your language.
    ISYS searches most Asian and European languages, including: French, German, Spanish Portuguese, Italian, Cyrillic Russian, Thai, Bahasa, Greek, Hebrew, Turkish, Traditional and Simplified Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and Vietnamese and Arabic.

  • Search, searched, searches, searching etc.
    Find different tense forms of your search terms with Tense Conflation. For example, a search for 'run' will find 'run', 'running', 'ran', 'runs' etc.

  • Give your search terms more meaning with Synonym Rings.
    Not only can you search for different forms of a word, you can also tell ISYS to include different associated words, or synonyms, with your search for a particular term. For example, if you search for 'coffee', you can tell ISYS to automatically include 'cappuccino', 'mocha' and 'espresso' in your results as well.

  • ISYS knows that nobody's perfect.
    The ISYS Word Wheel helps you if you're unsure how to spell certain search terms. To use the Stemming option, enter in the first few letters of a word, and ISYS will build query terms from there. To use the Sounds Like option, enter terms that are phonetically similar to your target word, and ISYS will suggest alternative spellings.

  • Fuzzy Logic understands your scanned documents.
    ISYS recognizes that data is often sourced from scanned or OCR-ed material, and may contain OCR errors. Using 'fuzzy' logic, ISYS can automatically adjust for many OCR scanning or typographical errors without operator intervention.

  • Fielded Searching.
    Fielded searches within a database are limiting due to their inability to search efficiently for words and phrases as components of fields. Because ISYS intimately understands words, it transcends fields and finds search matches where traditional techniques would fail.

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Results Features

  • Jump from hit to hit.
    ISYS not only highlights your search terms in found documents, but allows you to jump from one hit to the next with a single click. No more scrolling through long documents to find what you've found!

  • What You See Is What You Get.
    ISYS gives you the option of viewing found documents in WYSIWYG mode - they look just like they do in their original format, but they include hit highlighting. Even PDF files, Excel documents and HTML files complete with hyperlinks.

  • Activate your word processor and other applications from the ISYS Browser.
    No matter how you choose to view your found documents in the ISYS Browser, you can activate original documents with a single click.

  • Annotate documents without altering the original.
    ISYS provides you with ability to attach notes to existing documents without modifying the document itself. You can also add graphics, embedded queries, hyperlinks to other relevant documents and hyper-applications - which allow you to open other applications whilst in ISYS.

  • Rich SQL Templates.
    Rich SQL presents databases through a template, designed by the user, displaying the records in a manner appropriate to the knowledge and thereby maximizing data comprehension. ISYS also provides an HTML Editing Suite for creating and previewing Rich SQL templates. Add background pictures, define and layout fields, turn hit highlighting on and off, or change the color - the presentation is all in the hands of the user.

  • Put your results in context.
    Context view provides a 'snapshot' of each document in your result list. Context View results lists can also be extracted and save to a note pad or printed.

Find out more about how ISYS works.

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