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ISYS:desktop is a search engine for your data, designed for your individual desktop or corporate network.

ISYS:desktop is used to find and display information fast from a wide range of data sources. Accessible from an individual user’s desktop, ISYS:desktop can search over 125 data formats, including all MS Office products, e-mail, attachments, PDF, HTML, ZIP files, databases and native format spreadsheets. It supports a range of simple search methods, so users can choose the method that suits their needs, such as plain English or menu-assisted.

Information is displayed in the ISYS:desktop window with configurable highlighting and links between hits, so users can easily view and move between results. Importantly, users don’t need to have any other software installed to be able to view search results, so for example, a user could view information contained in a Microsoft Word file without having Microsoft Word on their PC.

ISYS:desktop can support searches in more than 30 languages and can access information stored locally on a user’s PC, on a network or intranet, or on an external website. It is scalable from a single PC through to mission critical networks with thousands of users, and integrates seamlessly with all the ISYS products to create a complete knowledge management system. ISYS:desktop is specifically designed to search quickly through lots of information, ensuring that users don’t have to wait to find the information they need.

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