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ISYS:hindsite Features

  • Compatible browsers
    ISYS:hindsite automatically detects and indexes all web pages visited using Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer.

  • Customizable time frame
    You set the time frame for which you'd like ISYS:hindsite to remember the sites you've visited. For example, you may set ISYS:hindsite to index only the sites you have visited in the last week, or set it to index all the sites you have visited in the last six months - it's up to you.

  • Content, not just URL
    Unlike your browser's history facility, ISYS:hindsite indexes every word of every web page visited - not just the URL, but the actual text content of each page.

  • Plain English Query
    Plain English query allows you to quickly search by making a statement or asking a question in plain English. For example, to find previously accessed web documents relating to the weather, you may type in "Where did I see weather forecast?"

  • Menu Assisted Query
    Menu-Assisted query enables you to quickly build accurate queries with push button operators. Users don't need to learn a complicated query syntax in order to get accurate results from complex queries.

  • Customizable results
    ISYS:hindsite can also display a structured tree outline of every previously accessed URL. The result set from a query consists of the title of the web document, its URL, the date and time the document was accessed, the date and time the document was prepared, and the size of the document. The result set can be sorted by any of the above categories.

  • Go straight to the web page you want
    To access a web document from the ISYS:hindsite result set, simply double click the page you're after and Hindsite will launch Netscape Navigator or Internet Explorer (whichever is your default web browser) and take you to that page on the web. ISYS:hindsite does not duplicate or store the pages, nor does it rely on your browser's cache.
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