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Index and search previously visited web pages - without bookmarking them!

You saw something on the web, but you can't remember where, and you didn't make a bookmark. ISYS:hindsite offers Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer users the unique ability to perform full text searches on the contents of previously accessed web pages.

ISYS:hindsite remembers everywhere you've been and everything you've seen - it's a 'must have' utility for every Internet user.

Bookmarks or Favorites for marking pages on the web are useful, but only if the user realizes at the time that he or she may want to revisit the page in the future. With ISYS:hindsite, users can consistently revisit web pages by searching for words or phrases, even when bookmarks have not been created.

ISYS:hindsite is provided with ISYS:desktop, or is available for download as freeware on this site.


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