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ISYS plays just as big a part as DNA, ballistics, fingerprints, video cameras, hidden cameras and other forensic tools in solving cases.
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ISYS:publisher Features

  • Range of Query Types
    ISYS:publisher enables users to perform full-text searches on your publication using plain English, menu-assisted or command-based queries.
  • Hypertext Links
    ISYS does not require you to laboriously define thousands of hypertext links before your data becomes useful. You can make use of powerful ISYS features such as dynamic hypertext to make your information come alive in the hands of your readers without spending hundreds of hours pasting in static hypertext links. You can also manually create links between documents and web pages.
  • Index Optimization
    Before publishing your documents and indexes, ISYS can optimize your data for maximum performance and minimum disk space in your finished electronic publication.
  • CD-ROM Optimization
    The CD-ROM optimization feature of ISYS lets index publishers specifically rebuild and optimize ISYS indexes for CD-ROM usage, resulting in a 50% decrease in I/O during query and retrieval. This can result in queries running more than two times as fast.
  • Index Compression
    ISYS indexes are already in a highly compact format. By optimizing your indexes and utilizing document compression, you can ensure that your indexes take up the least space possible. ISYS handles zipped files easily - it can index and browse zipped documents without having to extract the contents.
  • Security
    ISYS:publisher allows you to encrypt your data, so that only subscribing users with a distributed copy of the ISYS engine can use your publication. Each index can be locked so that only users who have been provided with a digital 'key' can use each index. Lock your entire publication or parts of it to limit access to different levels of subscriber.
Additional Information
  • ISYS:publisher overview
  • Email us to request an evaluation version of ISYS:publisher

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