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ISYS:rdu Features

  • DataStores
    ISYS:rdu creates a ‘parcel’ called a DataStore, which is a single file that contains all the information you wish to distribute, at a level of compression and encryption that you choose. The DataStore is then deployed to disk or to a web server, where another ISYS:rdu user can ‘unpack’ it and synchronize their own system with yours.
  • Internet deployment
    ISYS:rdu allows you to distribute files to a web server, where users at other sites can easily access them, download them and update their own directory. This is quicker and more bandwidth-efficient than using e-mail, and means the recipient of files only needs to log on to the web server for the amount of time it takes to download a single DataStore.
  • Scheduled updates
    ISYS:rdu lets you schedule DataStore updates to run periodically. If you choose to distribute your files via a web server, DataStores can be updated without user intervention. This is particularly useful if you distribute files daily, weekly or monthly to clients or other offices.
  • Password protection
    For increased security, you can attach a password to different ISYS:rdu actions, such as creating, modifying or ‘unpacking DataStores. This means that you can restrict the use of ISYS:rdu functions to certain users, and ensure that files remain secure during deployment.
  • Microsoft Windows Integration
    ISYS:rdu integrates into the Windows Explorer user interface to give you easy access to the ISYS:rdu functions.
  • Compression options
    Files in a DataStore are compressed by default. You can choose from a number of compression levels for distributing your files.
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