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ISYS plays just as big a part as DNA, ballistics, fingerprints, video cameras, hidden cameras and other forensic tools in solving cases.
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ISYS:spider Features

  • Intelligent Agent
    With the ISYS Intelligent Agent, you can keep an eye out for information that matches your specific search criteria. Put an ISYS Super Sleuth on the case and the minute the Spider updates your index with information that matches your criteria, the Agent will notify you.

  • Highly Configurable
    The Spider is highly configurable and you have complete control over its scope. One of the major problems with using the Internet search engines is that they crawl aimlessly over the Internet, indexing everything in their path. With ISYS:spider, you can specify exactly what you want indexed, even down to particular pages of a web site. Define a maximum number of levels to drill down into a site, which hyperlinks to follow, whether or not to enter password-protected sites and whether or not to respect the robot exclusion protocol.
  • Run Multiple Spiders Concurrently
    There is no limit to how many spiders you may have running at the one time or how many sites you may index. ISYS:spider can run at whatever intervals you set, continuously, on request or at certain times each week.
  • Automatic Index Updates
    It's up to you when your ISYS indexes are updated. Updates can occur when the Spider has finished, at regular intervals or at certain times of the day. The ISYS index remains fully functional during the spidering process.
  • Lotus Notes
    When indexing Lotus Notes, ISYS:spider is smart enough to recognize the same information represented in different views and only index it once.
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