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ISYS:spider lets you identify websites on the Internet that contain information relevant to your business, and then incorporate them into your ISYS index, providing a single, convenient repository for all your information needs. ISYS:spider indexes information from websites, Lotus Domino and Unix files, and incorporates them into an integrated, searchable resource.

Nominate the URL of the web site you want and ISYS:spider will scan only those areas of the site that you specify, indexing the content and adding it to your local ISYS index. This can then be accessed via ISYS:web on an intranet or website, or using ISYS:desktop on a PC or network.

When searches are performed, the information is returned in a seamless and transparent fashion. Hits from various remote sites are intermixed with hits from your own PC or network, with no unnecessary distinction made between them.

Best of all, you can choose which way you view the external material. When you click on a document you wish to view, ISYS can present the web page to you complete with hit highlighting and hit-to-hit navigation.

Alternatively, ISYS lets you activate your Internet browser and view the information directly from the web site.

ISYS:spider also generates local indexes for remote Lotus Notes and Unix servers.

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