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ISYS:rdu makes sharing information quick, easy and safe, wherever you are.

ISYS:rdu is ISYS Search Software’s Replication and Distribution Utility. It allows you to distribute file directories and ISYS indexes via a website or disk between physical locations easily and securely, keeping all your files and directories intact.

ISYS:rdu can compress and encrypt your files, deploy them to a web server or disk of your choice, and download them to another machine in exactly the same format, creating a mirror of your file system.

ISYS:rdu is the ideal tool for keeping remote machines up-to-date with a central file system, or distributing any quantity of files between users who are not connected to a network but want to maintain a uniform file system. Whether you’re distributing files from one location to another, or between multiple locations in multiple directions, ISYS:rdu makes the process fast, easy and secure.

Even if you’re not connected to a network, you can be sure you’re looking at the latest version of a file or index, and all the ISYS:rdu users in your organization are reading from the same page. ISYS:rdu keeps track of which files have been added, changed or removed from a folder, and can be simply configured to provide scheduled updates to other computers with a minimum of user interaction.


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