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ISYS:sdk Features

  • Document Formats

The standard ISYS engine recognises over 125 different formats and can even provide full search functionality on your proprietary data through a simple seven-entry-point interface DLL. ISYS does not require the translation of files into a proprietary format before indexing them. Instead, it reads files in their native formats, thereby imposing no restraints on the way you choose to represent data.
  • Plain English Query

Plain English Query allows users to type a query in everyday English. ISYS applies advanced processing concepts based on its knowledge of the data. Using the Plain English Query requires only a single function call.
  • Numbers & Dates

ISYS includes intelligent date handling and recognizes numeric quantities regardless of how they are expressed. For example, 20-03-02, May 20 2002 or even "the 20th of May, 2002"; or "ten million", "10 million" or "10, 000, 000".
  • Multiple Languages

ISYS supports all major languages, including English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Arabic, Thai, Portuguese, Korean, Japanese, and Simplified and Traditional Chinese. Users can combine multiple languages in a single query.
  • Intelligent Agent

The ISYS Intelligent Agent API lets your applications track newly-found information according to particular criteria, and differentiate it from information which has already been seen.
  • Synonyms and Thesaurus

ISYS provides for user or OEM-defined synonyms, as well as featuring a built-in thesaurus that can be automatically included in searches.
  • Taxonomy

ISYS includes support for taxonomies which are defined by rules that are applied at taxonomy expansion time. This provides the benefit of a taxonomy without the labour costs of detailed construction or the limitations of automated processes.
  • Interface

The ISYS API consists of function calls, or COM Objects, arranged into several logical groups: Basic Retrieval; Advanced Retrieval; General Utilities; High-Level Indexing; Low-Level Indexing; External Access Modules; Result-List Manipulators; Annotations; Taxonomy; Synonym Rings; Named Sections and Intelligent Agents.
  • Document Viewing

The ISYS Engine does not impose a foreign UI upon your application. You retain complete control of all aspects and presentation, including document viewing. ISYS provides the tools to obtain text from, and to navigate through, found documents. Your application is responsible for setting up windows and view controls to display the information. It does not, however, have to include filters to read the various word processor document formats - all access to the text and hit information for value-added mark-up is via the ISYS Engine.
  • Custom Security Filters

Build custom filters to grant or deny access to documents based on application-defined user privileges, or use the built-in security filters where appropriate.
  • Developer to Developer Support

With the ISYS:sdk you receive access to a Senior ISYS Developer who provides one-on-one developer support.
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