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ISYS:web Features

  • Legacy Data
    ISYS:web can read over one hundred different legacy file formats, including PDF files and any SQL data source. You do not need to convert, move, mark-up or hyperlink your legacy documents in any way. Legacy documents are dynamically converted to HTML rendition for browsing and users may download the original file in its legacy format.

  • HTML Documents
    ISYS:web provides the same searchability as with other files, as well as the normal hyperlinked navigation common to the web. Having found a document, ISYS:web can serve it with hits highlighted and provide hit-to-hit navigation while maintaining WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) integrity.

  • SQL
    Version 6 of ISYS:web has Rich SQL and an HTML Editing Suite for designing templates. You can create templates for SQL, XML and Lotus Notes data. Previously ISYS:web displayed database information in its natural state, column by column, without the layout normally provided by a database application. Rich SQL presents SQL databases through a template, and provides the administrator with the flexibility to display records in a way most appropriate to the data, complete with the hit-highlighting that maximizes understanding and comprehension.

  • Database formats
    ISYS:web version 6 supports ODBC, ADO, BDE, Access 2000 and Paradox 2000.

  • FTP
    ISYS:web Version 6 indexes the native UNIX file system via FTP, whether your UNIX box is in the same room or across the world. ISYS can index other operating systems as well, such as VMS and MVS.

  • Web Server
    ISYS:web can integrate as a search and publishing function on your current web server or can actually act as your web server. ISYS:web offers a wide range of web server features including remote administration, PHP scripting support, SSI, CGI and ISAPI, External Access Modules and log analysis.

  • Security
    ISYS:web interfaces with Windows NT security. ISYS:web restricts user result lists to only those documents for which NT security gives clearance. Also included is the operating system independent htaccess (Apache) control mechanism.

  • Intelligent Agent
    The ISYS:web Agent ensures that your web site visitors or internal intranet users are always up to date on the latest information. Acting just like a personal news service, the Agent constantly monitors your corporate knowledge base or nominated sites on the Internet and reports back every time something new appears that matches its search criteria

  • Powerful Engine
    ISYS:web is both scalable and customizable. Multiple queries can be processed concurrently, up to a maximum concurrency level specified by the administrator. The ISYS:web server can be partitioned across multiple devices, if necessary. Additionally, the input screens and output formats are completely customizable on a database level, allowing administrators to create their own distinct look and feel.


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