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Empower your portal, Intranet or Internet site with the power of the ISYS search engine.

ISYS:web gives you the power of the ISYS:desktop search engine in a web-based environment – perfect when you need to share information with staff, customers, the public and other stakeholders.

ISYS:web is used to search a wide variety of data sources, including all MS Office products, e-mail, attachments, PDF, HTML, ZIP files, databases and native format spreadsheets. Search results are displayed in HTML format, with hit-highlighting links between hits, so users can easily view and move between results in their web browser.

ISYS:web can act as a standalone web server - offering all the necessary support for PHP scripting, SSI, CGI & ISAPI server extensions, log analysis and security. It can also act as a comprehensive search tool, seamlessly integrating with other web servers.

Another search option is ISYS:web.asp, designed for integration with Microsoft's Internet Information Server (IIS). It offers many of the features of ISYS:web but with greater control over the search result and seamless IIS security integration.

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