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The ISYS:web.asp search solution is designed specifically for integration into Web sites using Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS).

ISYS:web.asp is not a standalone product but a plug-in search module to the IIS environment. It offers more flexibility than the ISYS:web product when building your own portal environment. Unlike ISYS:web, it is not a web server in its own right.

Supports the Microsoft .NET Framework

Now offering support for the Microsoft.NET Framework, ASP.NET developers can interface directly with the core ISYS engine and power their Web-based applications with the robust search and retrieval features of ISYS:web.asp 6.0. The product offers a simple set of instructions and examples to help ASP.NET developers achieve this level of interoperability.

ISYS:web.asp is based on the core ISYS search engine and offers all the advanced search features of ISYS:web including Boolean, Plain English and Command-Based searching; date interpretation, range searching, and tense conflation. It is robust and powerful search tool that makes extracting and manipulating data easy and provides the option of interaction with other applications from within the ISYS results list.

The ability of ISYS:web.asp to interact with other applications is what sets it apart from ISYS:web. ISYS:web.asp is designed to be easily manipulated with other data to add value to the search result.

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