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With the help of ISYS, the corporate finance group doesn't have to say, 'Let me phone you back with an answer to that question.'
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Benefits of Search

Simply stated, search software enables you to find information, fast. The benefits of this improved information availability include:

  • Access to knowledge created or collected by other members of the organization -- even if they're not in their original role anymore.
  • Access to information buried in systems, legacy data or archives -- just because you don't use a system any more doesn't mean you can't use the data within it.
  • Sharing information with constituents, customers, staff, management -- making information available to those who need it, for better decision-making.
  • Reduced duplication of effort -- staff can find proposals, reports and other documentation that has already been completed in the areas that they're working on.

These all result in three highly beneficial outcomes:

1. Greater productivity
2. Better quality decisions
3. Improved customer service

The magnitude of these outcomes drives the potential ROI that your search solution can deliver. To get an understanding for the likely ROI, you need to consider the following:

  • How much time will be saved through the use of search software? In a survey of our customers, over 50% of respondents estimated that they save more than 5 hours per week by using the software. For an average worker, that's a 12.5% time saving straight away.
  • In the case of sales and business development staff, time saved is time spent generating more revenue, which should go straight to the top, and bottom, lines.
  • In the case of support staff, time savings in themselves don't necessarily contribute to ROI; you need to think about whether you can redeploy resources elsewhere in order to reduce cost.
  • An element of ROI often missed when considering search software is the improved quality of decision-making. When people have the all the information they need, and it's up to date, naturally they'll be better equipped to make the right decisions.
  • Imagine what would happen if people in your organization improved their decision-making by 10%. How much revenue would this translate into? How much profit? Decision-making has a real impact on business success, and this contributes to the ROI of search software.
  • Obviously, better customer service encourages customers to continue their relationship with your organization, creating future opportunities for sales and profit.

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