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With the help of ISYS, the corporate finance group doesn't have to say, 'Let me phone you back with an answer to that question.'
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Department Search

ISYS expands the knowledge-sharing capabilities of workgroups. ISYS:desktop searches individual PCs or across local or wide-area networks, quickly and accurately retrieving important information regardless of location or format. Departmental information can be searched as easily as the Web, with meaningful results returned from more than 125 file formats and 30 languages.

Any workgroup with a large or important body of information to navigate or share can benefit from ISYS, which is used in many ways within the organization. Legal departments scan and search contracts and legislation; Human Resources staff search for candidates and find employee information; Customer Service representatives search product and company information to answer customer questions; Technical Support and Engineering staff search technical notes, product specifications and problem reports; and Finance and Audit staff check company records for compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley and other regulatory requirements.


  • ISYS is rapidly deployed -- in the time it can take to get a response from a technical support desk, ISYS can be up and running on a desktop or network.
  • ISYS is easy to use and maintain -- with an intuitive interface and a choice of simple key word searches or natural language, Boolean and conceptual query styles, searching is simple for users with minimal training.
  • ISYS is powerful and accurate -- a sophisticated relevance ranking algorithm ensures the most relevant documents are displayed first, and the ISYS query language provides advanced options for users with highly specific requirements.
  • ISYS provides access to all departmental data -- accessing file servers, databases and email applications simultaneously, from a single window, so that information can be shared quickly and easily across the department.

Departmental Search Products

  • ISYS:desktop for PCs, LANs & WANs
    ISYS:desktop is a network-based search application, scalable from a single PC through to mission-critical networks with thousands of users. ISYS:desktop can be used on its own to search the contents of individual PCs, LANs and WANs, or seamlessly integrated with other ISYS products to create a complete enterprise information retrieval system.
  • ISYS:rdu for distributed search
    With ISYS:rdu, file directories and ISYS indexes may be distributed via a website or disk between physical locations easily and securely, keeping files and directories intact.
  • ISYS:publisher for published information
    ISYS:publisher enables information to be published and distributed to CD, floppy disk or a network, with full search functionality.
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