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ISYS Search Software and Document Management

Before you invest in a Document Management System, ask yourself why you need one.

If you want to store your documents in a rigid structure or a taxonomic hierarchy, create profiles for each document and apply version control and a check-in/check-out feature, then a Document Management system is a great tool.

If you just want to find information, then you need ISYS.

If information retrieval is your priority, ISYS gives you a comprehensive solution when a Document Management system is simply too cumbersome. ISYS is a powerful, scalable and accurate search tool that can index over 125 data formats in a range of environments, from a single PC to a global Internet site.

Already got a Document Management System?

If you have an existing Document Management system, ISYS can boost its search capability and provide a faster return on investment. It is cost effective, fast and simple to implement, and can expand the functionality of a Document Management system with a minimum of impact on existing infrastructure.

Don't touch anything.

ISYS leaves all your information exactly where you left it. There's no data preparation and no document management rules. Simply tell ISYS where your documents are and what you want to find and the powerful retrieval engine will find it for you.

People are people.

It's never easy to get different people to work in the same way. One person or group may wish to organize their information in one way, and another person or group may find it easier another way. Forcing people into a single way of managing information isn't always the best way to work. ISYS finds information in over125 data formats, regardless of how it is organized.

Bend your software to suit your business.

Rather than changing the way you use information to suit your software, choose software that is highly scalable and configurable. ISYS has products for single PCs, LANs, WANs, intranet sites, internet sites, novices, experts, office workers and field workers.

Find a solution that works for you or contact us for a quote.

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