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With the help of ISYS, the corporate finance group doesn't have to say, 'Let me phone you back with an answer to that question.'
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Enterprise and Web

ISYS provides powerful and scaleable search functionality for enterprise information, across a network or on a corporate portal, intranet or Internet site. Delivering single-point access to enterprise-wide data collections, ISYS Search Software can index, search and browse more than 125 file formats in 30 languages, even if the application that created a file is not installed.

There's an ISYS product for any environment, with ISYS:desktop providing LAN-based search and ISYS:web for web-based environments. Full-text searches can be conducted quickly and easily across disparate data sources, from a single PC to corporate networks, intranets, extranets, websites and portals, improving knowledge retention and sharing across the organization. ISYS is deployed quickly and is easily maintained, ensuring swift user adoption and maximum return on investment.

ISYS has been implemented on countless intranets to provide user-friendly access to vast range of information, including sales proposals, legal reports, HR information, technical support documentation and much more. With search functionality, the intranet becomes much more than simply an internal communications device; it can enable the sharing of all sorts of information, reduce rework and improve the quality of decision-making across the organization.

In the case of public websites, ISYS provides the ability to offer a much wider range of content to website visitors. This can include not only standard web formats such as HTML, but also PDF files, databases, legacy information, Word documents and many more. ISYS ensures that your visitors receive accurate and relevant results when they perform a search on your website.

Enterprise and Web Products

  • ISYS:desktop for corporate networks
    ISYS:desktop is a network-based search application, scalable from a single PC through to mission-critical networks with thousands of users. ISYS:desktop can be used on its own to search the contents of individual PCs, LANs and WANs, or seamlessly integrated with other ISYS products to create a complete enterprise information retrieval system.
  • ISYS:web for websites, intranets and portals
    ISYS:web provides the power of the ISYS search engine in a web-based environment such as an intranet, portal or website. It can act as a standalone web server, offering all the necessary support for PHP scripting, SSI, CGI & ISAPI server extensions, log analysis and security. ISYS:web is a comprehensive search tool that can be seamlessly integrated with other web servers.
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