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ISYS Search Software for Flash

ISYS Search Software does more than just search static text. ISYS can now search your SWF files too.

To see ISYS in action with Flash, type "President Clinton" into the search field of this website (in the top right hand corner of your screen). You will see a Flash movie returned, which you can view in plain text, or launch as a Flash movie.

ISYS now supports the searching of Macromedia Flash movies (SWF). ISYS is a full-text enterprise search engine available as a web-based, desktop or network solution. ISYS is used to provide search functionality for websites, portals and intranets, searching over 125 different file formats including PDF, text, HTML, SQL and many more - now including Flash movies. ISYS displays search results in sub-second time frames, ensuring that your website users can find exactly what they're looking for quickly.

Find out more about the ISYS product range here.

What parts of a Flash movie can be searched?
ISYS can search all text placed within the Flash movie, the movie file name and all HTML links on the stage. Using ISYS:spider, ISYS can also follow those HTML links through and search the destination contents as well.

At this stage of development, ISYS is not able to search ActionScript, text pulled in through ActionScript, HTML links created in ActionScript or text rendered as an illustration.

What are the benefits?
ISYS allows you to have one search engine searching your entire website, including HTML and Flash movies. It is not necessary to replicate your Flash website in HTML in order for your users to search its contents.

You can use Flash movies as an integral part of your website without being concerned that they won't be searchable by your users. This provides a more flexible environment for Web site developers, designers, marketers and customers.

How might I might use this technology?

  • To provide search of rich media tutorials, demonstrations or advertisements on your website. For example, if you have a special offer being advertised on your website, a customer could enter "special offer" into the search field and find that information.
  • If your company keeps Flash movies in a central location such as on a network, ISYS can provide an easy way for staff or customers to find particular files. For example, you may have an intranet where staff could type "learn typing" into the search field on the intranet and this would then find the typing tutorial SWF file. The user can then view the contents of the file in plain text via the ISYS window without loading Flash, or choose to launch the movie in Flash.

How does ISYS work?
ISYS works by creating an index of all the files that you nominate to be searched. You can set the index to be updated at defined intervals. Once the index is created, ISYS returns search results extremely quickly. The amount of time required to create the index depends on the amount of data to be searched.

How can I try out ISYS?
You can request a trial version of ISYS:web for your website, intranet or portal here. Or, you can download a free trial of ISYS:desktop for your PC here. If you'd like to speak to a sales representative click here for contact details.

What are the system requirements?
Operating System: One of: Windows 95, 98, Windows NT 4 SP4 and
above, Windows 2000, Windows ME or XP
Required hard disk space: 82Mb
Required RAM: 16Mb
Additional hardware: CD-ROM drive for installation
Network requirements: Will run on all Windows networks

Flash indexing is only available in version 6.02 or higher of the ISYS Search Software range.

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