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ISYS plays just as big a part as DNA, ballistics, fingerprints, video cameras, hidden cameras and other forensic tools in solving cases.
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ISYS search software can be a low-cost alternative to a Document Management System, or a powerful adjunct.

If your document management needs are simple, ISYS may provide the functionality you need without the cost and complexity of a document management system. ISYS is a powerful, scalable and accurate search tool that can index over 125 data formats in a range of environments, from a single PC to a global Internet site. ISYS enables users to find information across a wide range of documents, quickly and easily.

If your needs are more complex and a document management system is required, ISYS can be a powerful addition to your chosen system. Providing search within the DMS environment as well as outside it, ISYS gives users access to documents and metadata contained within the document management system, as well as a range of other documents, including email and other data not managed in that environment. This provides a whole view of data within the organization -- after all, not every document in the organization needs to be managed via a DMS.

Read a case study about ISYS working with DMS:

  • Box Hill Secondary College implemented ISYS to deliver a document management application that met their tight budget constraints.


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