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The most important issue when shopping on an e-commerce site is finding what you want. This can be achieved through easy-to-use navigation but if you have a sizable number of items, you need an effective and intelligent search facility. Customers don't always spell correctly and they don't always know what you've called products. There is nothing more frustrating that searching for a 'razor' and not finding anything only to realize that the product is cataloged by keyword as a 'shaver'.

Take the search to the user in the user's own terms. Let the user express their needs in their own words and not be dependent on the way the vendor has chosen to describe the product. If you don't want customers puzzling over search terms, ISYS is your answer. A leader in high performance information retrieval, ISYS compensates for misspelled words and establishes synonym links so that a search for one word can find you others.

Best of all - ISYS provides dynamic html conversion. You can maintain your catalog in a database and ISYS will convert it to HTML as it serves it to the browser. ISYS SQL templates allow you to present your products in a fully customizable and consistent fashion, while the search functionality takes the load off your database and increases the scalability of your site.

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