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ISYS plays just as big a part as DNA, ballistics, fingerprints, video cameras, hidden cameras and other forensic tools in solving cases.
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With the volumes of email we receive every day, there's only one sure way to quickly and accurately find emails -- ISYS Search Software.

ISYS offers two email searching solutions. ISYS:desktop delivers the full power of the ISYS engine for searching both emails and their attachments. It supports the searching of Microsoft Exchange, Outlook, Outlook Express, Internet Mail formats including Netscape Mail, Eudora and Pegasus, and Lotus Notes. Of course, with ISYS:desktop you can also search many other file formats.

If you require a more cost-effective solution, is designed to deliver the award-winning usability and power of ISYS, with a cheaper price tag. supports the searching of Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express and Eudora emails, and includes many of ISYS' core features such as hit highlighting and hit-to-hit navigation, as well as sub-second search results. You can purchase online at the website, for only USD$29.95.

Read a case study about a company using ISYS with email:

  • Recruitment firm Phoenix Resources uses ISYS to search emails containing candidate information.

Note: ISYS does not search another person's emails or files, unless you are authorized to access those files. ISYS is not an email directory, and cannot find a person's email address, unless it is contained in your own data repository.



Additional Information
  • ISYS is embedded in Legato's email management solution Email Xtender

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