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ISYS plays just as big a part as DNA, ballistics, fingerprints, video cameras, hidden cameras and other forensic tools in solving cases.
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Compliance with Freedom of Information requirements need not be a burden on your organization. ISYS enables you to easily find information stored within your data repositories, with minimal changes to your current processes.

By 2005 all government organizations in the United Kingdom will be required to respond efficiently and accurately to Freedom of Information requests; other countries also have similar requirements. Such requests may require access to many different sources and types of data.

ISYS Search Software sits over your data repositories and provides fast, accurate searching of its contents. With ISYS Search Software:

  • You can use keyword searching to quickly retrieve information for FOI requests; for example, extracting all references to an individual's name or ID number.
  • Data is extracted and displayed without the need for the original application in which it was created. ISYS converts the data for viewing in the ISYS window.
  • Over 125 different file formats are supported, and over 30 languages.
  • No data conversion or reformatting is required, simply point ISYS at the data and it does the rest.

ISYS can also be used to deliver self-service FOI requests via a public website. Users type the key words of interest and retrieve any matching data themselves, so there is no need for your staff to become involved in servicing the request.

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