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Home >> Solutions >> Functional Applications >> Sarbanes-Oxley

Regulatory Compliance

The mere mention of regulations such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act sends shudders through corporations. But regulatory compliance need not be an onerous burden on your business. While the industry is filled with large-scale systems designed to address archiving and records management concerns, no compliance strategy is complete without advanced search and retrieval capabilities.

The ISYS 7 suite provides a cost-effective way to retrieve relevant information from vast repositories of data that must be retained. Whether it's a question of locating emails from specific individuals during a given timeframe or mining file shares to gather tax-related documents, ISYS complements any compliance system with the tools necessary for the rapid and accurate retrieval of key information.

Supporting more than 140 different file formats, ISYS indexes your data where it resides, automatically categorizing this information to provide a solid structure around your compliance data. If a document or piece of information exists in your system, you'll always be able to find it with ISYS.

Learn more about how ISYS helps you address compliance requirements:

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