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ISYS plays just as big a part as DNA, ballistics, fingerprints, video cameras, hidden cameras and other forensic tools in solving cases.
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According to usability experts, search functionality within websites remains one of the biggest user experience problems, with poor search results being the primary culprit. When executed properly, website search technology should provide visitors with a top-notch user experience that takes them from 'search' to 'discovery' in a matter of seconds.

ISYS has nearly a decade of success in deploying website search technology to hundreds of online organizations. The company's ISYS:web and ISYS:web.asp products provide administrators with maximum flexibility, and end-users with the tools necessary to quickly and easily locate relevant information on a website.

Both ISYS:web and ISYS:web.asp are supported by feature sets that guide users through the Three-Step Search Process: the query phase; results generation and presentation; and navigation and discovery.

Read some case studies about ISYS in website applications:

  • Tourism Australia selected ISYS to provide a relevant, multi-lingual search facility on the website.
  • The US Marine Corps uses ISYS:web to make historical information available to the public at the Gray Marine Corps Research Center's website.
  • Citizens of New South Wales, Australia, can use the LawAccess NSW website to find legal information. Visitors use the ISYS:web metadata search to find information in specific document fields.
  • The Center for New York City Law uses ISYS:web to power search capabilities for the 'New York City Administrative Decisions' section of its website.
  • The City of Muskego scanned their entire hard copy collection of records, dating back to 1964, to PDF format. These can be searched using ISYS:web via the City's website.
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