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With the help of ISYS, the corporate finance group doesn't have to say, 'Let me phone you back with an answer to that question.'
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Financial services organizations have masses of data and can benefit greatly from tools that enable staff to quickly and effectively interrogate that data -- ISYS is such a tool. Whether it be for investigating compliance or fraud concerns, providing client services or disseminating information to a far-flung staff community via an intranet, ISYS can provide higher quality decision-making and improved productivity.

Read some case studies about ISYS in Financial Services:

  • Wall Street Systems selected ISYS:desktop and ISYS:web to enable greater efficiency in search and retrieval and the ability to conduct comprehensive impact analysis of changes and enhancements to its technology.
  • The Australian Stock Exchange uses ISYS to investigate suspicious movements in stock prices and volumes.
  • Stockbroker JB Were uses ISYS to power a subscription-based online research service.


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