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With the help of ISYS, the corporate finance group doesn't have to say, 'Let me phone you back with an answer to that question.'
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OEM Solutions

ISYS' powerful and robust search development solutions have been incorporated into a range of in-house and commercial applications including Litigation Support Systems, Document Management Systems, Legal Databases, Custom Web Servers, Help Desk Systems, Human Resources Information Systems and Library Systems.

A proven search tool with an established user base, ISYS is the most flexible search solution for even the most rigidly configured data source. Whether in a web-based format using ISYS:web.asp, or using the ISYS:sdk, ISYS is able to perform full-text searches on structured and unstructured data simultaneously and return accurate results in under a second.

ISYS requires no data preparation or relocation; it respects and supports taxonomies, intelligently recognizes dates and numbers, and can index and search both file content and metadata. And that's just in English. ISYS recognizes, indexes and searches documents in 30 different languages and character sets.


ISYS is designed to be easy to implement and use. Experienced developers can incorporate the basic features of the ISYS engine with only a few pieces of code.

ISYS can provide powerful search functionality without the need for months of implementation or components that waste resources, memory or bandwidth. ISYS:sdk is used to create customized search applications, while ISYS:web.asp provides customization for web-based environments.

Highly Configurable

ISYS provides indexing, retrieval and browsing over 125 different data formats, and full search functionality on proprietary data. Large files or complex data may be searched and accessed without affecting system performance.

The search environment may be completely customized, with the ability to include business logic as searches are performed and to display custom results. It is not necessary to translate files into HTML or proprietary formats before indexing. ISYS reads files in their native formats, imposing no restraints on the way data is represented.

Quality Manufacturer Support

Personalized support is literally a phone call away, with an ISYS senior developer available throughout the integration process. Sample applications or websites are provided with the software to illustrate the overall results achievable when developing applications with ISYS.

ISYS Products for Developers

  • ISYS:sdk
    ISYS:sdk is the Software Developer's Kit, which allows you to incorporate the ISYS core search component into your custom application, portal or website. It provides the ISYS search engine in a Windows DLL or COM interface, complete with full documentation and sample programs in C, Visual Basic and Delphi.
  • ISYS:web.asp
    The ISYS:web.asp search solution is designed specifically for integration into Web sites using Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS). ISYS:web.asp is a plug-in search module to the IIS environment and offers optimum flexibility when building your own portal environment.


Additional Information

Success Stories
  • Microdec embedded ISYS in its Profile 2000 recruitment software
  • The World Trade Organization developed a Translation Assistance System using ISYS
  • Stockbroker JB Were used ISYS and Cold Fusion to create an online research service

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