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ISYS Search Software for PDF and Beyond

The increasing use of Portable Document Format (PDF) means that tools are needed to effectively search and retrieve information contained in this format.

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Many of the tools currently available for PDF searching offer only limited functionality. Some restrict users to searching one PDF at a time, while built-in search tools limit users to searching only PDFs. For organizations where PDF is but one of many formats they use, tools such as these do not offer an adequate solution.

ISYS Search Software overcomes these limitations by not only providing superior PDF search capabilities, but also by giving users the means to simultaneously search 124 additional formats. With a single query, ISYS instantly returns results found in Microsoft Office documents, emails, attachments, ZIP files, databases, XML, Flash files and, of course, PDF. These capabilities translate into the bottom-line benefits of significant time savings and increased productivity.

Second To None

Leveraging sheer speed and features like hit highlighting, hit-to-hit navigation, results sorting and filtering, ISYS' PDF handling provides users with a faster, more efficient means for locating data contained in this format. Outline browse functionality enables users to quickly view relevant sections of PDF documents without opening or downloading the whole file, a useful feature for very large documents.

Evaluate ISYS for yourself by downloading a 14-day trial version of ISYS:desktop today. For organizations looking to add search in a web-based environment, click here to request an evaluation copy of ISYS:web.

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