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Q1: Can I do a search within my current results?

A: Yes. Your System Administrator may add an option to allow you to narrow down your search results by making a query within the current query's results.

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Q2: Do I need ISYS:desktop to install ISYS:web?

A: Yes. ISYS:web is installed into the directory in which you installed ISYS:desktop. ISYS:web may not function if a different directory is chosen.

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Q3: Does ISYS:web allow me to run schedules to update my indexes?

A: No. Updating indexes is done with ISYS Utilities. Using ISYS Utilities, you can schedule updates and other functions to run automatically at set intervals.

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Q4: My Plain English Query matches too many unwanted words. What should I do?

A: Plain English, by default, does a full-strength tense conflation on all the key elements of the query before applying its magic. This includes word endings such as "-ion", "-ment" and "-less", and compound word endings like "-ifications", "-mentation", "-que", and about a hundred others.

There is a lighter form of conflation that just does the basics such as "ing", "ed", "er", "s", and a few others. In ISYS:web, you can change your IW_FIELD_ENGLISH behavior to narrow conflation by including <input type="hidden" name="IW_AUTOCONFLATE_NARROW"> in your input form.

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